When your life feels unsustainable,
When you’ve lost your thread of meaning,
Mindfulness brings you back to sanity, groundedness, and purpose.

Sunada Takagi leads a mindfulness workshop

Hello, I’m Sunada.

I offer Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) classes in the Boston area and Life Coaching via Zoom.

With 28 years of training and practice in meditation and personal development, I offer a blend of evidence-based methods and practical approaches from the Buddhist tradition.

Sunada Takagi
Certified MBSR Instructor
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Ordained Buddhist

Inspiring change from the inside out

Sunada Takagi leads a mindfulness workshop
Sunada has been recognized as one of the Top Life Coaches by Coach Foundation.

Winter 2024 In-Person MBSR Classes


January 3 – February 21
6:30 – 9:00pm

plus one all-day class on Sunday, February 11
10:00am – 4:00pm

The Arlington Center
369 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA

Using the Art of Mindfulness to Achieve Balance and Meaning

Sunada is a mindfulness instructor, teacher and coach. She inspires people to build purpose-centered lives through the power of mindfulness. Her compassionate coaching guides an inner discovery process that leads her students to confident steps in new directions.

In this interview, Sunada introduced us to the basics of a mindfulness practice and how we (and our planet) can benefit from it. She also offers advice to those who have difficulty meditating.

Thanks to Seline Shenoy and her Dream Catcher Podcast series.

Interview time stamps:

02:22 ︳Sunada talks about how her Japanese culture influences her teaching and personal philosophy

06:20 ︳How mindfulness works and the benefits of a mindfulness practice

13:54 ︳The difference between mindfulness and meditation

16:01 ︳How the Buddhist perspective on mindfulness differs from how it’s popularly understood today

24:50 ︳Sunada’s advice (and a guided exercise) for those who have difficulty meditating

32:44 ︳Why mindfulness can bring out our best selves and inspire us contribute more to our communities

Gratitude from MBSR Participants

“Thank you SO much for a fabulous course. I loved your wise, gentle teaching. I loved the simple, time-honored curriculum. And the external accountability (i.e. “homework”) helped glue it more firmly into my daily life. It has been life changing, and I am so grateful for the small but clear shifts inside me. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you.”
- Tracy | Massage Therapist and Educator

“Sunada teaches with integrity. She has a clear understanding of the pedagogical elements of MBSR and communicates them well. More importantly, she embraces and lives these elements, which in turn infuses her essence. Because she is so personally engaged, she is especially adept at guiding her students through rough patches. I unequivocally recommend taking her course.
- Ed | Retired Attorney

“Sunada is an excellent teacher and exemplar of mindfulness. Her MBSR course is phenomenal. The classes include a nice blend of mindfulness techniques, thoughtful talks, facilitated group discussion, useful handouts, and homework to try out the practices. Sunada is deeply knowledgeable about the content and clearly practices what she teaches. She provides great examples and encourages questions and discussion. I loved the class so much that I attended her mindfulness weekend retreat, which was exceptional! It was a game-changer in my life, and has helped me to truly recalibrate. I feel calmer, happier, and freer. If you are looking for an MBSR course or retreat, I could not recommend Sunada enough!
- Jessica | Project Manager, Early Childhood Research

Gratitude from Coaching Clients

“Thank you, Sunada, for your deep wisdom. Your coaching helped me pinpoint my deepest longing, and find the confidence to pursue it in a meaningful way. I feel more agile, grounded, and expansive in my approach to this new direction.”
- Amy | Caregiver and Massage Therapist

“Sunada coached me through a personally challenging transition to a new job as Executive Director at a non-profit. She guided me using both mindfulness and her professional experience. I found her questions insightful, her manner supportive, her suggestions for resources perfect. I can’t imagine having made my way through the last three months on the job without her wisdom and support. She’s helped deepen my practice, kept me on a constructive path, and prevented my blowing up situations better viewed from new perspectives. I’m grateful for her help.”
- Rebecca | Author and Nonprofit Leader

“I’m having a crazy upside down week at work. Lots of change in the air. I’m meditating away the angst and letting it flow around me, a rock in a raging river. In an earlier era I would’ve been stressed out and ranting. Now I feel like I’m welcoming the change. I’ve never felt this way before. It’s your coaching that got me here. Thank you!”
- Nigel | Technology Strategist and Mentor