About me

My personal mission is to help people find their inner strengths, so they can bring out their best selves to a world in dire need. And this is work I do for myself as well.

Like many people, I’m deeply concerned about the state of our world. The divisiveness and tribalism, the chaos and the sense that things are spinning out of control. It’s hitting us on so many levels — personal, interpersonal, societal, even global. And our world has gotten so complex that our leaders and traditional institutions can only do so much.

Making a difference (without burning out)

I’d love to see more of us as individuals stepping up our game in response. And if you’re thinking you’re already stretched too thin to do anything more, please hear me out. I’m not saying we each need to go out and Do More, or be more of an activist. Instead, what if each of us does whatever we do with more groundedness, kindness, integrity, and a sense of responsibility? We collectively could make a big difference.

I recently read a parable of two people who planted apple trees in their yards. The first person planted the tree next to her house. She was thinking of the delicious fruit she will have for herself one day. The other planted it away from her house and closer to the street. She was thinking that passersby could pick and enjoy the fruit for themselves. Both put in the same amount of effort, but the second person had a far greater impact on her community. It was the quality of her intentions that made the difference.

Humans being human

My MBSR classes and Life Coaching are about supporting humans to be more fully human. What I mean by that is helping people who are committed to fostering their own growth and well being, as well as that of their families and communities. And this means acting responsibly, intelligently, and sustainably — for themselves and those around them.

I’m reminded of the phrase “Think globally, act locally”. We can take action within our familiar circles, knowing that what we do, as part of an interconnected community, DOES make a difference. As Gandhi famously said, how can we be the change we wish to see in the world?

Mindfulness is at the heart of it all

Mindfulness is at the heart of everything I do. By that I mean awareness of and taking responsibility for ourselves (such as our habits and thinking patterns, both good and no-so-good). And also the impact we have on others (again, both good and not-so-good). It also means working toward being honest, kind, and respectful toward everyone we interact with — including ourselves.

Whatever you choose to do, let’s work together to bring your best self to it. Whether it’s working for social justice, being a corporate middle manager, or raising a strong family. I try to bring my best to everything I do. And it would be my honor to work with you.

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