tanya-davisI just discovered a wonderful poet named Tanya Davis. Here’s a piece of a poem she wrote about New Years Resolutions, that I so resonate with. It’s called “Let’s Go Around Again”. We can have goals and aspirations for ourselves, but let’s also be gentle with ourselves.

permanence is difficult to motivate
and the ability to succeed crumbles underneath the pressure to change
and it’s not that we can’t change
it’s just that to set expectations so high while desiring such a rapid pace
is kind of unsustainable, it makes failing a fail safe

What if personal improvement was not a time-specific commitment
and instead of a fresh start we just kept living
if life was more a circle then a series of beginnings and endings

The link to the complete poem is now taken down, unfortunately. But please check out her her wonderful video recitation of “How to Be Alone”.