Last weekend I heard an inspiring story on National Public Radio. It featured Mark Horvath, a man who has used his unique position as a former Hollywood insider, drug addict, and homeless person, to focus attention on the plight of the homeless. Here’s an example of one man who has taken his own life experiences – the good and the bad – and turned it around into something for the good of others. He’s just one person, doing one good thing. And what an effect he’s having.

Horvath travels around the country with a video camera and interviews homeless people in exchange for a pair of clean white socks from his backpack. His excellent website is a collection of his work.

The videos are so compelling that the website has become a social media hit, and a magnet for donations of all kinds. Ford Motors and Hertz Rent-a-Car have donated cars for his travels around the country. Hanes has donated socks. Countless others have donated money. All of this Horvath puts entirely back into this work and the website.

Makes you pause and think, doesn’t it?

Read the full story and hear the podcast here