Marguerite Manteau-RaoI’m very honored to be included in Marguerite Manteau-Rao’s (@minddeep on Twitter) list of 15 Great Women Buddhist Bloggers. May our collective efforts help spread more loving, feminine energy into the world!

Here is her post, in full.

After two days of Googling the hell out of the Internet, and back and forth tweets on Twitter, here it is, finally, the promised list of 15 Great Women Buddhist Blogs – in no particular order:

108 Zen Books
Smilin Buddha Kabaret
Zen Dot Studio
Momma Zen
Jizo Chronicles
Becca Faith Yoga
Mama Dharma
Buddhist at Heart
The Asian Welder
Mama Om
Susan Piver
Mindful Purpose
Budding Buddhist
Dalai Grandma
Luminous Heart

How did I come up with the list? I looked for Buddhist sisters whose blogs reflected a deep commitment to their practice, and also to blogging. Women from all walks of life. Moms, activists, teachers, writers, artists . . .  A few, I knew already. Most of them, I just discovered. I hope you will enjoy ‘visiting’ them as much as I have!

See her full post.